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Wood Fencing

For those who like the classic and natural beauty of wood fences, we offer a huge variety of wood fencing options. Choose from a wide range of fence designs and styles – all designed to enhance your space.

A range of classic styles and accessories.

We offer our wood fence systems in Western Red Cedar. We also carry a broad range of wood fencing accessories that include railings, spindles, decorative posts, toppers and post caps.

You may have a portion of your fence or your entire fence in a low area that retains water. Due to it always being wet or puddles forming, the posts never get a chance to dry, thus making your posts weak. TOTAL FENCING offers a product called Postmasters. This product is a wonderful alternative to wood posts, whether it is in an area that is always dry or for those areas that seem to be wet longer. TOTAL FENCING can install your entire wood fence with Postmasters or do only the area that collects water and still use Western Red Cedar posts for the remainder of the fence. So call TOTAL FENCING and ask us about Postmasters. Click here to learn more about Steel Posts.


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