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Customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area have been coming to Total Fencing for all of their fencing needs ever since we opened our doors for business.  They know that we are recognized as being the most resourceful fence company.  That’s because we offer a vast selection of conventional fencing styles and accessories that range from chain link fencing to vinyl fencing and wood fencing.  The sales manager at Total Fencing is Scott Fabiani, and he also wears the hat of the operations manager, as well as being an owner of our fencing company.  Scott’s credentials include 40 years of training and experience in sales and management in the fencing industry.  Mike Newman, joins Scott at the helm of Total Fencing with his 20 years’ worth of background and experience in fencing.  You can always rely upon Scott to give you the data on what to expect during the fence installation process.  Accordingly, it makes perfect sense for Schaumburg residents to consistently select Total Fencing as their # 1 Choice for all their fencing needs.

Schaumburg Vinyl Fencing

Schaumburg is in Cook County and it has nearly 75,000 residents.  Franklin Park, home of Total Fencing, is located over 19 miles southeast of Schaumburg.  Irrespective if Schaumburg customers are looking for wood fencing, vinyl fencing or chain link fencing, Total Fencing has the products and know-how to provide them with their TOTAL solution for their fencing!  We deliver the following fencing options to our Schaumburg clients:

  • Chain link fencing in a variety of sizes and configurations;
  • Vinyl fencing that is durable, maintenance-free, strong and designed to endure the harshest weather conditions; and
  • Wood fencing systems that offer a range of accessories and the availability of non-wood, steel posts called “postmasters.”

Schaumburg Wood Fencing

It is no wonder that so many customers persist in bringing all of their fencing needs to the attention of the folks at Total Fencing.  They know all too well that no one can hold a candle to the extraordinarily durable fencing products that Total Fencing does!  You can rely upon our fencing products to enhance your property and to increase its curb value for resale.  Furthermore, you can readily expect that not only will our fencing products meet all of your expectations, but you can anticipate that we will most likely surpass each and every one of them!  Total Fencing is celebrated and widely respected for always striving to ensure that our clients receive what they are looking for at a price they can afford.  As imagined, customer satisfaction is, and always will be, our top priority.   You can also expect that our fence company is well known for only using the highest quality of products and delivering the most amazing workmanship.  To learn more about our amazing fencing products, call Total Fencing at: (630) 622-4001.

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